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arrow-bullet-14px Tax Rates & Stock Returns

arrow-bullet-14px EPS Research


arrow-bullet-14px “The Benefits of Socially Responsible Investing: An Active Manager’s Perspective”
(Journal of Investing, forthcoming Winter 2015 issue)

arrow-bullet-14px “Understanding the S&P 500”; Journal of Investment Consulting

arrow-bullet-14px “Are All Components of ESG Scores Equally Important?”; Financial Professionals’ Post

arrow-bullet-14px “One Time Charges: Never Having to Say You’re Sorry”; Financial Analysts Journal

arrow-bullet-14px “Falling In Love Again – Analysts’ Estimates & Reality”; Financial Analysts Journal

arrow-bullet-14px “Excellence Revisited”; Financial Analysts Journal

arrow-bullet-14px “In Search of Excellence: The Investor’s Viewpoint”; Financial Analysts Journal

arrow-bullet-14px “Decomposition of Total Volatility: How Important is Idiosyncratic Risk?”

arrow-bullet-14px “Tax Rates and Stock Returns: An Empirical Analysis of the Information Content of Corporate Tax Rates”