New Amsterdam Partners is an asset management firm founded on an innovative philosophy: an intellectually rigorous and disciplined blend of quantitative and fundamental investment research will produce superior stock selection.

New Amsterdam Partners was founded in 1986 to bridge the chasm between the methods of quantitative and fundamental stock analysis. Discerning the strengths and limits of each, Michelle Clayman, CFA, Managing Partner & CIO, developed an approach that integrates both disciplines to yield a decisive and intellectually sound edge in stock selection.

We serve a diverse range of clients, including institutions, individuals through managed account programs, as well as traditional high net worth accounts. Among our clientele are prominent state and local retirement systems, Taft-Hartley pension plans, and Fortune 500 companies, as well as national not for profit groups.

Our team of investment professionals puts that investment approach into practice. The members of our team have extensive experience in market and security analysis, portfolio construction and client service. The majority of the firm’s investment professionals hold the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation, and we require junior members to work towards obtaining the designation as well. The firm is 100 percent employee-owned, aligning the team’s goals with those of our clients.

tulip-bubble-300We use the tulip as a symbol of the Netherlands, from whose first new world colony we take our name, and as a reminder of the importance of sound investment research and practice. In the 1630’s Holland experienced a craze for trading virus–infected tulip bulbs. The flowers that grew from infected bulbs had beautiful colored streaks and other markings. For a short time, culminating in 1637, prices of the bulbs shot skyward in speculative bidding.

Then suddenly a collective understanding of the lack of any productive future beyond beautiful flower beds took hold. Prices plummeted even more rapidly than they had risen, leaving many speculators with bulbs that would now sell for a fraction of the price at which they had been bought. The “tulip bubble” stands as an important lesson: Wise investment decisions grow out of a sound philosophy, an intellectually tested methodology, and steadfast discipline–the hallmarks of New Amsterdam Partners’ investment approach and our commitment to our clients.

New Amsterdam Partners is a certified as a women’s business enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).