• There are two sides to every investment story:

    One revealed in numbers, one grasped through insightful qualitative investigation.

  • Fundamental and Quantitative Analysis

    We have built a process that fully capitalizes on both.

  • Numbers alone can’t tell the whole story, but…

    ...to ignore the efficiencies that quantitative analysis can provide would seem unwise.

  • Our clients are our partners.

    We view our client relationships as long-term alliances.

  • We consider ESG & SRI factors for every company…

    …as it passes through the fundamental phase of our investment process.

  • Sustainability:

    We believe that companies should consider it as both a source of risk and opportunity within their business models and practices.

  • The Wisdom of a Broader Vision

    New Amsterdam Partners has achieved a superior long-term track record by paying close attention to both sides of the investment story.